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Tom & Shaun's March Rescues

Henry's Story: Henry, from Vashon Island, likely climbed a big fir tree to save his life. He is an indoor-only kitty who escaped out of a window screen and went missing. His owner heard some cries but wasn’t sure where he was until they looked up! There he was, about 80ft in a tree almost to the very top. His owner was told by several neighbors the night he got out they saw a pack of coyotes run through the neighborhood. Henry was described as pretty cautious around strangers but was very receptive to help way up in the tree.

Flash' Story: This is Flash from Puyallup. He was stuck at the tippy top on a giant Redwood tree - about 70ft up! He’d been there for 2 days and was pretty sick of it! Once Tom arrived, he couldn’t see him, but his loud crying carried through the neighborhood. The tree was easy to climb, so he was able to get him down in a few minutes.

See more of Flash on our Facebook page.

Harry's Story: Harry, from Everett, was missing for about three days before he was found in a tree. He doesn’t normally go outside because he’s a very skittish cat and even runs and hides from his owners. When Shaun walked up to the house it was apparent how desperate the owners were getting to try to get Harry back. They were set up with multiple traps and food to try to lure him back to safety. The whole time he was just hanging out on a hemlock limb in their backyard at about 45ft. With how his owners described him, Shaun chose to climb an adjacent tree in preparation for him not wanting help and possibly going higher. Much to his surprise, he stayed exactly where he was and even perked up with some pets and even started to purr a little bit before going into the rescue sack for the way down. His entire family was overjoyed to have him back home again.

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I love these stories!!! You guys are heroes!!

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