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We created Canopy Cat Rescue in 2009 after discovering how difficult it was for people to find help for their cats stuck high in trees. As cat people ourselves, we know how horrible it feels when a cat is missing, crying for help, high up in a tree. Cold, hungry, scared, tired, and dehydrated; many cats, unfortunately, suffer each year after being stuck in trees.


Tom is a certified Arborist and holds a degree in Forest Ecology. Tom grew up in a household with many cats; his family was always rescuing cats who needed a home. He currently has two rescue cats. Tom also loves dogs and recently rescued a border collie mix. Tom enjoys combining his love for cats with his tree-climbing skills.



Shaun is a certified Arborist and professional mountain guide who has loved animals for as long as he can remember. He was five years old when he adopted his first cat. Currently, he has a feral rescue cat, Medi, that he has cared for since he was a kitten. He also has one dog named Pika that often joins him on long drives to cat rescues. Shaun loves climbing trees and helping reunite owners with their feline friends.

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