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Frequently Asked Questions

  • My cat is missing ... could it be stuck in a tree?
    YES! We hear from cat owners all the time. A cat was missing for days before they (or someone else) found their cat stuck up in a tree. Sometimes its a tree near their house, other times the cat is found in a tree miles away from their home. Keep looking up in the trees! We have rescued some cats as high as 150ft in trees. If you don't hear any meowing, try looking up in the trees at night with a flashlight. Sometimes the flashlight will show you the reflection of their eyes.
  • Is my cat REALLY stuck in a tree?
    Some cats can climb down by themselves, but others definitely need help. Cats can climb up trees easily, but due to the shape of their claws, climbing down a tree is very difficult.
  • What if the cat isn't stuck in a tree, but somewhere else?
    Occasionally, we are able to access cats stuck on roofs or other tall structures, if there are trees nearby that we can climb. We do not have the ability to access cats stuck in crawl spaces, attics, chimneys, heating units, walls, or blackberry bushes. We are not able to climb utility poles either due to electrical hazards. Please contact your utility company for cats stuck on utility poles.
  • Will my cat come down when she gets hungry? Should I put some food at the base of the tree?
    We have rescued cats that have been stuck for over two weeks; it doesn't seem that hunger is a strong reason for the cat to try to climb down a tree. We don't recommend putting food out at the base of the tree; chances are that your cat won't be able to see or smell the food and it will likely attract other animals/wildlife to the base of the tree.
  • How long should I wait before I call for help?
    If your cat has only been stuck for a few hours, consider waiting to see if your cat can figure out how to climb down on their own. Generally, if your cat has been stuck overnight, it might be time to call for help. Ultimately, you know your cat best.
  • How much do you charge for rescuing my cat?
    Nothing! We are a free service for the community; we want every cat to have the opportunity to be rescued. We do accept donations.
  • What is your service area?
    We are located in Western Washington state, and travel all over the state to rescue cats. If you live in Eastern Washington or another state, or even another country, please visit: for a worldwide directory of folks who can help rescue your cat.
  • There is a cat stuck, but it's not my cat!
    Even if the stuck cat is not your cat, we can still help. We are a free service, and we carry microchip scanners to help locate the cat's owners. We also work with local shelters/rescue organizations that are willing to take in a cat if we are not able to find the owners. Just give us a call!
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