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A Few Rescue Stories

Raymond's Story: Raymond's harrowing rescue illustrates the challenges we often encounter in our mission to save cats in need. When Raymond's owner reached out late one evening, reporting him stranded 50 feet high in a neighbor's tree after five days missing, we knew immediate action was necessary.

Despite Raymond's skittish nature, which typically deters nighttime rescues, we decided to attempt a rescue that very night. Upon approaching him, Raymond darted even higher into the tree, making our task all the more daunting.

With safety in mind, we postponed the rescue until the next morning. However, strong wind gusts reaching 30mph posed a significant obstacle, preventing us from reaching Raymond. The precarious situation compelled us to retreat, leaving Raymond exposed to the elements.

Undeterred, we returned the following morning, only to find the winds persisting. Determined to save Raymond, we braved the conditions, patiently awaiting a lull in the wind. After an hour of tense waiting, the winds finally relented, allowing us to ascend to Raymond's precarious perch and bring him safely down.

Despite the seven days of uncertainty and adversity, Raymond's resilience prevailed, demonstrating the unwavering spirit of our feline friends. His triumphant return home serves as a reminder of the perseverance and dedication that drives our rescue efforts.

Louis' Story: In the eerie silence of Floral Hills Cemetery in Lynnwood, WA, a tiny voice pierced the darkness – the plaintive cries of a stranded kitty pleading for rescue. After receiving the call, we sprang into action, determined to bring this frightened feline to safety.

Upon arrival, we discovered that the kitty had been wandering the cemetery grounds for days before finding himself trapped in a tree. After safely bringing him down and scanning for a microchip (to no avail), a glimmer of hope emerged. A Facebook post, made by concerned visitors days prior, hinted at his mysterious presence in the cemetery.

Despite tireless efforts to locate his family through lost and found pet groups and neighborhood searches, no one came forward to claim him. With heavy hearts but boundless compassion, we rallied together to find Louis – as he was now affectionately named – a forever home.

After weeks of diligent searching, one of the caretakers who had been caring for Louis stepped forward to offer him a permanent place in their heart and home. Now, Louis revels in the warmth of a loving family, his days of solitude in the cemetery behind him.

His journey from a lonely tree in a cemetery to the embrace of a loving home is a testament to the power of compassion and community. In his new life with his forever family, Louis thrives, a shining example of resilience and the transformative power of love.

Tina's Story: Last October, our hearts melted when we received a call about a tiny kitten stuck high up in a cedar tree in rural Pierce County. Tom, one of our dedicated rescuers, rushed to the scene, determined to bring her to safety.

As Tom approached the tree, he could hear the kitten's desperate cries echoing through the ravine.

Suddenly, the kitten lost her grip and tumbled through the branches. With quick reflexes, Tom reached for his net, hoping to break her fall. Although he couldn't catch her mid-air, he softened her landing as she landed safely on the ground below.

Tom's daughter, struck by the kitten's resilience, immediately declared her name to be Tina. Despite their efforts to locate her previous owners, Tina had snuggled her way into their hearts and found her forever home.

Back at Tom's house, Tina received the love and care she deserved. Despite her rough start, her vibrant personality quickly emerged, filling the house with joy and laughter.

Now, Tina reigns supreme alongside her feline companions, Bean and Bug, a testament to the power of love and second chances. Her journey from a precarious perch in a tree to a cherished member of the family is a heartwarming reminder of the bonds we share with our furry friends.

Watch Tina's Rescue HERE.

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