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Help Us Reach New Heights in May with #GiveBig!

We're kicking off May by joining forces with Washington Gives in their #GiveBig campaign! We have set a goal to reach $10,000 by May 8th! Fundraisers like this are so important for an organization like ours because we run on a donations-only basis. It is our joy and mission to rescue cats from trees.

Meet Puff, a spunky cat who found himself in quite the predicament up a towering cedar tree in Stanwood. Described by his family as a tad skittish, Puff surprised us all with his love for people, albeit from a safe distance - he wasn't too keen on being picked up! Armed with this insight into his personality, our rescue team sprang into action. Maneuvering 65 feet up into the canopy, we approached Puff with care. Once within reach, he willingly entered our rescue sack, eager for the journey back down to solid ground.

Meet Kiwi, a sweet kitty from Arlington who was likely chased up a tree by a coyote. Kiwi was missing for over a day before her family heard her cries 45ft up in a cedar in their backyard. The climb up to her was pretty easy but not before many blackberry bushes needed to be cut away just to get to the tree. She is back safe with her family and will be spending much more time inside.

Your support during this #GiveBig campaign means the world to us and to cats like Puff and Kiwi. With your generosity, we can continue to be there for these precious animals when they need us most. Together, let's make a big difference for our furry friends!

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Terry Severson
Terry Severson
17 de mai.

Thank you so much for rescuing Mr. Gizmo.

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